Job creation by water sports adventure tourism in Hill States

Carete Jobs by invest in Water Sports and Adventure Tourism in Hill States

The hill states of India viz. Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Jammu and Kashmir, Arunachal Pradesh etc. are facing a huge unemployment scenario in the state. These states have limited scope of job creation and hence most of the young population in these states are migrating to the more job-oriented cities in the plans like Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Bengaluru etc. The terrain in the hill states is sch that there cannot be big, large scale manufacturing companies can setup their units.

Water Sports and Adventure Tourism

Job creation by Water Sports and Adventure Tourism

Tourism is in the hill states is a good business since ages. The religious tourism is going on since ages. Most of the sacred religious places are situated in the hills and mountains. The other type of tourism developed when the Britishers developed hill stations in India.

Some hill states, realising the grim situation of jobs in their states, some of the hill state governments are planning to generate employment opportunities and boost the economy by strengthening the tourism sector in the state.

The governments saying that the main focus was to develop activity-based tourism such as adventure, religious, health and heritage tourism. For example, the proposed ‘tent city’ at the Dhauladhars in Himachal would have around 200 camps, which would be equipped with luxury and comfort elements.

The Himachal government will also enhance the water sports facilities at the reservoirs of dams such as Chamera Dam and Bhakra Dam in Bilaspur. “The government will facilitate such activities by granting subsidies to entrepreneurs to purchase equipment such as pedal boats and hydrofoil bikes. Kayaking, water skiing, houseboat accommodation, and rafting will be introduced, and the local youth will be trained for such activities,” a Himachal Government spokesperson said.

The governments are trying to promote mountain biking, golf, hot-air ballooning, heli-skiing, winter games such as snow marathon and ice hockey. It will also ensure basic amenities at various paragliding sites.

One of the issues in the hill states is of Air connectivity. Due to hilly terrain and strong wind flowing, the air connectivity if exists, does not function throughout the years. These effects the rich, old and women tourist to not visit the higher hills and mountains. Therefore, the governments are trying to build Helipads in place of Air strips. The governments are trying to construct helipads near every district headquarters and the identification of land for these was in progress. “The existing airports are being refurbished. The airstrips will also be expanded for the landing of big aircrafts.”, said a Himachal Government spokesperson.

The Himachal government will also develop 25 sites as tourist attraction places under the Vibrant Village Programme. “The government is also mulling to set up a major zoo at Dehra in Kangra and golf course of international standard at Kangra district.”

Similar schemes are being launched in the state of Uttarakhand. The Heli service at the time of Char Dham Yatra is very famous. The need of the hours is to create more such activities so that the tourist can visit most of the places and in the hill states and then when they spend money on food, lodging and adventure activities, the jobs are naturally created, and the economy of the shill state grows.
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